Promotion and Renewal

The Stowers Institute relies on the Scientific Advisory Board for guidance in matters of importance to the Institute’s achievement of scientific excellence. It pursues this through evaluation of current research underway at the Institute, discussion of future research initiatives and new technologies to be developed at the Institute, review of candidates for appointment and reappointment who have passed through the screening and evaluation process, and ratification of those candidates who meet the high standards of the Institute for appointment or reappointment as independent scientists.

In 2018, the SAB recommended renewal of Investigator Paul Trainor, PhD, for another seven-year term. They also recommended the promotion of Associate Investigator Julia Zeitlinger, PhD, to full Investigator.

Trainor’s research focuses on understanding the normal course of vertebrate head and face development and identifying genes that when mutated result in birth defects.

Zeitlinger’s research aims to identify predictive rules by which gene expression programs are established in an organism and apply them to human disease.