A Decade of Commitment Celebrated

2002-2012 Celebrants: Members who have attained ten years of employment at Stowers celebrate with President and CEO Dave Chao and Scientific Director Robb Krumlauf. | Front row left to right: Dave Chao, Paul Kulesa, Debbie Baker, Michael Boyer, Jennifer Gerton, Robb Krumlauf. | Back row left to right: Donna Hartman, Rose Owens, Mike Elmore, Tari Parmely, Jamie Peterson, Malcolm Cook, Youbin Xiang, Rory Fender. | Not pictured: George Hewitt and Peter Baumann

Fourteen members were honored for ten years of loyal service to the Stowers Institute at an anniversary tea last spring. These extraordinary individuals have shared not only their time and talents but also their hearts to turn into reality the founders’ vision of creating the world’s most innovative research institute.

Together their experiences create a kaleidoscope of memories that paint a vivid picture of the uniquely collaborative culture that lies at the core of the Stowers Institute.

Lead Maintenance Engineer Jamie Peterson notes that no good job goes unrecognized. “I was proud of the work I did on the reptile facility a few years ago. But to get a letter of appreciation from the president of the company for all the hard work I had done made it seem even more worthwhile.”

Benefits Specialist Debbie Baker says she most values the opportunity she has to meet and work with people from all over the world. “It feels good to be able to help our members understand all of the insurance and benefits we offer. And what’s even more gratifying is that everyone is so appreciative of those efforts.”

Tari Parmely, head of Tissue Culture, Media Prep, Histology, and Electron Microscopy, continues to be inspired by her smart and dedicated co-workers. “Even after ten years, I still am happy to turn into the lot here at Stowers and take my small part in something great,” she says.