Stowers Café by the numbers

The Stowers Café, with the ambiance and offerings of a fine dining restaurant, is not your ordinary office canteen. Each day, the Café serves up breakfast and lunch to a hoard of hungry researchers and staffers. It also provides packaged meals and snacks in a grab-and-go self-checkout area that is available 24/7 and provides catering for many Institute events.

There is something for everyone at one of the six food stations that include pasta and pizza, deli, grill and griddle, chef’s table, entrée station, and soup and salad bar. But perhaps the most visited station is the automated coffee and espresso machine which has become a popular gathering spot for friendly discussions about research projects or even just the weather.

Stowers Café by the numbers

glasses of fountain soda dispensed each year

dinner rolls baked each year

gallons of milk used exclusively for coffee and
espresso drinks annually

special events or caterings supported annually

average number of individual items purchased in
Café each day

bags of chips sold each month

number of forks in use in Café at any given time

average number of meals served in Café each day

pounds of coffee beans used each month

represents the month with the single busiest day-
The Thanksgiving Feast