Scientists in the Making

One way to nurture tomorrow’s scientists is to cultivate their scientific curiosity through up-close and direct experiences with innovative research. The Stowers Summer Scholars Program strives to do just that by providing undergraduate students the opportunity to perform hands-on cutting-edge research.

Funded by the Stowers Foundation - an entity distinct from the Stowers Institute that encourages and funds unique educational programs - the Stowers Summer Scholars Program gives students the opportunity to interact with leading scientists and pursue independent research projects for a ten-week period at the Institute. The research projects span diverse fields of biology and provide exposure to topics at the frontiers of biology.

The program draws undergraduates from all across the United States and the world. In fact, the Stowers program is one of only a few in the US that admits international students, who augment the variety of backgrounds and experiences of this group of eager and inquisitive minds.

Although summer scholars spend a substantial amount of time in the lab, they also find the time for social activities such as movie nights and excursions to places in and around Kansas City such as baseball games and local botanical gardens.

At the conclusion of the program, summer scholars have an opportunity to communicate their research as part of a poster session at the Institute. They not only take away valuable scientific knowledge and first-hand research experiences, but also networks and friendships with Stowers researchers and other summer scholars. Often this experience proves to be an important first step toward a career in science.