27th Annual American Century Championship Golf Tournament

Every summer, sports and entertainment celebrities converge in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada, for a week of golf at the American Century Championship. This premier celebrity golf tournament is sponsored by American Century Investments (ACI). And, while there are fun and games to be enjoyed, there is also serious business occurring off the course.

This golf tournament serves as an annual gathering for many ACI clients and provides the firm an important opportunity to inform and educate them on the health of their investments and provide a window into the scientific discoveries being made at the Stowers Institute due, in part, to their clients’ investments with ACI.

When Jim and Virginia Stowers founded the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, they wanted to provide for the long-term, stable funding of its basic research programs. They understood that scientific advances are not made overnight, but instead can span decades. With that wisdom, they endowed the Institute with roughly 40 percent ownership of American Century Investments, which provides the Institute a steady flow of dividends for its research programs.

Since the founding of the Institute, Stowers researchers have accelerated understanding of biological processes in both health and disease. Some of the landmark findings by Stowers scientists have included identifying biological mechanisms that cause a severe birth defect called Treacher Collins syndrome, discovering a new target for drugs to treat a childhood leukemia, determining that a prion-like protein plays a key role in storing long-term memories, and discovering the molecular basis for an osteoporosis treatment now in late-stage human clinical trials.

These are the kinds of discoveries and advancements that inspire hope for a better tomorrow. Prosper With Purpose is at the heart of a new marketing and sales initiative, launched by ACI at this year’s golf tournament. Prosper With Purpose aims to target individuals and companies that seek to not only invest for their own future, but also to make a difference with their money. Prosper With Purpose shares the story of how ACI investors have the potential to create positive change in the world through basic research.