Mail Center by the Numbers

Incoming, outgoing, delivery, pickup, first-class, priority, registered, certified, bulk, international. With a dizzying array of shipping, mailing, and delivery options, the Stowers Receiving Center expertly manages the critical lifeline of supplies and print mail flowing into and out of the Institute.

Not only does the team receive and deliver the constant supply of scientific paraphernalia and equipment, they assist Stowers laboratories with special deliveries and international shipments that allow scientific samples and reagents to be shipped around the world.

Average number of scientific supplies
received for use in our on-site
scientific supply store annually

Average number of purchase orders
received and processed annually

Average number of outgoing pieces
of US Postal Service mail annually

In pounds, heaviest delivery

Approximate pieces of print mail
processed and delivered each week

Average cost in dollars of
outbound shipments

Average weekly miles walked on
campus by each Receiving Center
team member

Members of the Receiving Center team