Anniversary celebration with Menorah Medical Center

The Stowers Institute commemorated its tenth anniversary and its historic ties to Menorah Medical Center with a reception on October 4, 2011. The celebration opened with a presentation by Stowers President and CEO Dave Chao, PhD, who highlighted some of the institute’s remarkable scientific successes since its inauguration. Speakers Dick Brown, chairman of the Stowers Institute Board of Directors, and event co-organizer Gina Kaiser, president of the Menorah Legacy Foundation Board, reflected on the tradition of commitment to community embodied both by Menorah and Stowers.

Guests of honor included current and former leaders of the Menorah Medical Center Board; Menorah medical staff and employees; representatives of the Menorah Medical Center Women’s Auxiliary and members of the Board of the Jewish Hospital Foundation and the Menorah Legacy Foundation.

The institute owes its spectacular location to the vision of its founders Jim and Virginia Stowers, but also to the relationship with Menorah Medical Center. In 1995, Stowers purchased Menorah’s former home and began converting the property into the cutting-edge research facility it is today.

Recognizing the hospital was a symbol of hope for many generations, the Stowers family wanted to carry on that legacy by incorporating the main hospital building into the design of the Stowers Institute. They wanted it to become a symbol of hope for future generations.

But these two institutions share more than just a physical location. During her remarks that evening, Kaiser described the synergy between Menorah and Stowers via the Judaic concept of “tikkun olam,” or “healing the world.” Menorah’s efforts to heal the sick, she pointed out, have been mirrored by Stowers’ efforts to find lifesaving cures for debilitating diseases.