Stowers Institute Library recognized for excellence

The Stowers Institute Library, led by librarians Sherry Lockwood and Rose Owens, received the 2013 award for “Excellent Return on Investment in a Health Science Library” from the Health Sciences Library Network of Kansas City (HSLNKC). In addition to being recognized for the outstanding return on the budgetary investment made in its operation, the library was acknowledged for its professional excellence and unflagging dedication to providing superior resources to the Institute’s scientists and researchers during the HSLNKC Annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony held at Stowers on January 22, 2014.

Sherry Lockwood and Rose Owens

While Stowers Scientific Director Robb Krumlauf, PhD, notes the significance of the library’s selection as an outstanding service provider, he is particularly proud of librarians Lockwood and Owens. “Good libraries have extensive collections, but great libraries always have great librarians who engage their users and help fulfill their aspirations, and the Stowers library is no exception,” he says.

Both Lockwood and Owens derive great satisfaction assisting researchers with the process of scientific discovery, including performing reference and literature searches, obtaining interlibrary journal and book loans, maintaining scientific journal subscriptions, and managing internal scientific publication and data deposits in the Institute’s online data repository.

Lockwood shares that it is especially gratifying that those outside Stowers are noticing their work. “This award means so much to us because it illustrates that we are recognized in the library community as well as by our researchers at Stowers.”