Young Fluorescence Investigator Award goes to Unruh

The Biophysical Society presented the Young Fluorescence Investigator Award to Stowers Research Advisor Jay Unruh, PhD. This award goes to an outstanding early-career researcher for significant advancements or contributions to the field using fluorescence methodologies. Unruh received a $1,000 honorarium and was invited to present to the Biological Fluorescence Subgroup at its annual meeting in February.

From tracking and quantifying the motion of protein aggregates in yeast cells, to characterizing the flow of cellular components in mouse oocytes, to line scanning fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy, to examining protein interactions at the yeast nuclear envelope, Unruh’s skills and contributions are an invaluable resource for many of the Institute’s investigators.

Research Advisor Brian Slaughter explains, “Jay’s made many contributions to fluorescence methodologies. In all cases, they are a direct reflection of his collaborations with the investigators at the Institute, and a reflection of the willingness of our PIs to use biophysical approaches to their questions. That is very important.”