2008-2018 Ten Years: Beating the Trend

Front row (seated, left to right): Jungeun Park, Maria Katt, Dorothy Stanley, Carolyn Randolph, Steve Hoffman, Dan Burkholder. Second row: Tara Gillett, Mary Penne Mays, Ariel Paulson, Jenny McGee, Ana Pedraza, Lisa Lassise, Lauren Horsewood, Karen Tannen, Boris Rubinstein, Jim Mathis. Third row: Gabriel Keele, Stacey Billinger, Milissa Doolin, Dan Stranathan, David Latzman, Julia Zeitlinger, Heidi Monnin, Fengli Guo, Melissa Childers, Kim Dziedzic, Ying Zhang.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average length of time an employee stays with a company is only 4.2 years. In 2017, there were twenty-seven members who celebrated a ten-year anniversary at the Institute. Their long-term dedication and commitment reflect the vision of our founders, who viewed establishing the Stowers Institute as a long-term investment in advancing our knowledge of fundamental biology for the benefit of all. This year’s awardees can be proud of contributing ten years of work that builds upon itself toward that vision. Congratulations to all!