A Growing Research Endowment to Last Forever


We want to be in a position to pay for research today, tomorrow and forever. The lifeblood of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, and the key to its success, is a distinctive, endowment-based research program. Unlike research programs at most universities, the Stowers Institute is almost entirely self-sustaining through the income from its endowment.

The Stowers Institute limits its annual spending for the support of the institute to an amount that assures perpetual funding, an approach guaranteeing that the Stowers Institute will always be in a position to attract top scientists, acquire the latest in technology, and regularly add new programs to explore new paths of research. Donors to the Stowers’ research programs should feel assured that their gifts will have a positive impact on the institute for many years to come. 

By helping us to grow the endowment, you are helping us to grow our research programs and accelerate life-changing discoveries at the Stowers Institute.