Media Preparation

The Media Preparation team provides Stowers labs ready-to-use nutrient plates and broths that support the growth of a variety of cells and microorganisms.

Research Services 

The Media Preparation team supports Stowers researchers by reducing the time and labor required to prepare reagents necessary for their various projects. Commonly used buffers and growth media, including Tris buffers, Luria broth, and YPD, are stocked in the Institute’s on-site scientific vending facility for around-the-clock availability. The Media Prep team also prepares a variety of plated media poured to order and prepares standard SDS/Polyacrylamide gels. To fill all research needs, the team can prepare customized media, plates, and solutions.

  • Systec MediaPrep Nutrient Media Autoclave
  • Systec Mediafill for dispensing culture media prepared in the Systec MediaPrep
  • Level II Biosafety Cabinet for the addition of sterile components to sterile media
Team Contact 
Chongbei Zhao, PhD
Head, Tissue Culture and Media Preparation

Chongbei Zhao, originally from Henan Province, China, graduated from Zhengzhou University with an MD. She earned her PhD in Veterinary Pathobiology from the University of Missouri, Columbia and followed that with a two-year Science Manager Certification from the University of Kansas. Zhao joined the Stowers Institute in 2012 as a Researcher Coordinator. In 2019, she became Head of Tissue Culture and the next year was named Head of Tissue Culture and Media Prep. With fifteen years’ experience in cell culture, including 3D organoid culture, primary cell culture, virus work, and gene editing, Zhao collaborates with Stowers researchers to develop new projects and technologies in the cell culture field.

Featured Publications 
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