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Computational Biology Scholars

Stowers Computational Biology Scholars Program

The Stowers Computational Biology Scholars Program provides a valuable, career-enhancing research and mentoring opportunity for early-career computational biologists and bioinformaticians. At the Stowers Institute we value teamwork, collaboration, and creativity. Our science reflects the contributions of a wide array of individuals, technologies, and approaches that together produce innovative and impactful research. Computational Biology Scholars will be immersed in this environment within the context of a mentored and fully funded training program.

Train with our experts

A cohort of two or three Computational Biology Scholars will be immersed in the computational biology community at the Stowers Institute for 1 year with the possibility of full-time employment following the completion of the program. Stowers Computational Biology Scholars will receive mentorship and hands-on experience working alongside experts from Stowers technology centers while answering biological questions from a Stowers laboratory.

Key Dates

  • 2023



    Application open

  • 2024



    Application deadline

  • 2024



    Program begins

  • 2025



    Program ends

Applications are now closed

For information about the program and to express interest please contact

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The objective of the Stowers Computational Biology Program is to provide a valuable, career-enhancing research and mentoring opportunity for early-career computational biologists and bioinformaticians.


  • Collaborate in an interdisciplinary environment to test biological hypotheses and analyze results using computational approaches
  • Communicate with researchers and help them translate their research questions into questions that can be answered with data analysis and computation
  • Write and present reports to collaborators describing analysis and results linked to code
  • Participate in 1:1 mentorship meetings
  • Participate in lab meetings, journal clubs, and other relevant seminars
  • Stay updated with relevant scientific literature

Examples of projects

  • Explore the regulatory landscape of cells using data on chromatin accessibility, transcription factor binding, mRNA stability profiles, ribosome profiling, or quantitative proteomics
  • Identify cell types, tissue anatomy, and inter-cell type interactions using spatial transcriptomics
  • Characterize gene functions and pathways, gene expression dynamics, and genetic regulatory networks using bulk and single-cell RNA-seq

Program eligibility requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, bioinformatics, data science, or a related field, including a biology degree with experience in coding
  • Basic ability to navigate and work on the Linux command line
  • Some experience with data analysis and visualization using R and/or Python
  • Basic ability to read existing code and make changes as needed
  • Familiarity with statistics and inclination for quantitative reasoning
  • Interest in biology and understanding of basic biological concepts
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • Good ability to work with others and meet deadlines
  • Highly motivated to learn and work in an interdisciplinary environment

What you’ll need to apply

  • Application form
  • CV or Resume
  • Transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Statement of research interests and experience (500 words maximum)
  • Contact information of two or three academic or professional references

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Compensation and benefits

The Stowers Institute offers a nationally competitive compensation and benefits package.

Contact us via email at if you have questions or need additional information about the Computational Biology Scholars program.

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