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Why foundational research?

Investigating fundamental processes in biology is essential for the advancement of knowledge to unravel the secrets of life.

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Pursue a Ph.D. at the Stowers Institute

Admission into our world-class, accredited graduate school facilitates the successful completion of an advanced degree with over 90% of our graduates obtaining postdoctoral fellowships or career positions. Our program is unique: most coursework is completed within the first semester to allow our students to get hands-on experience in the lab early on. Our faculty to student ratio along with access to cutting-edge technology facilities and experts is another distinguishing feature that provides each student with unparalleled mentorship.

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Predoctoral researchers at the Graduate School of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research begin with a semester of module courses taught by distinguished faculty, including Principal Investigators and Technology Center Heads.

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During the first year at the graduate school, students will rotate between different labs, gaining valuable research experience and discovering which research area they want to focus on for their thesis.

Research at Stowers
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State of the art labs

No expense is spared for designing and pursuing creative, innovative research projects. With everything at your fingertips, predoctoral researchers are encouraged to think outside the box, to complete invaluable research toward obtaining a Ph.D., and to provide novel findings for the international scientific community.

Our Labs
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Technology Centers

Predoctoral students have unlimited access to our world class technology centers, led by scientific experts in each field. Advanced light and electron microscopy, sequencing in the many "omics," computational and big data analysis are just a few of the services available to successfully and efficiently produce research results.

Technology Centers

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