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Campus Security

Providing a safe and secure environment

The purpose of the Security team is to provide a safe and secure working environment for all members, visitors, and guests of GSSIMR. We strive to be of continuous service to the members so they can focus on their work. Security is committed to being conscientious of members' daily challenges related to their research and seeks to provide assistance wherever it is applicable.

The Security team provides services in the following areas.

Stowers Alerts

Stowers Alerts is a free emergency notification system that allows Stowers to notify members of severe weather conditions or relay other emergency messages that affect Stowers and to provide updates via text messages and email. All members are invited to sign up to receive these messages via email or directly on their mobile phone, wireless PDA, or pager. Participation is voluntary but highly recommended. Members should check with their service providers on whether additional fees apply to receive these messages. To enroll, visit the Security Helix page.

Parking and Vehicles

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles parked on Stowers property are required to be registered with the security 
department and display a Stowers issued parking decal as directed in Policy 804GS: Vehicle Parking.

  • To register your vehicle complete the Vehicle Registration Form and forward it to Security.
  • Parking decals are static cling and are to be displayed inside the rear window on the passenger side.
  • If you change vehicles, complete a new Vehicle Registration Form.
  • If you receive new license plates, notify Security of this change so your registration can be updated.

Vehicle Parking

Member Parking
In the main campus’ parking garage, members may park in any parking spaces marked “Member Parking” before the parking gate arms. After passing through a parking gate arm, members may park in any parking space except for marked handicapped spaces, unless they possess a state issued handicap license or placard. Members may also park in the west parking lot by Research Building 1. At the SSF members may park in the open lot.

Visitor Parking Spaces
Unless otherwise notified by Security, members are permitted to park in visitor parking areas on weekday evenings between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., all day on weekends, and designated holidays. In exceptional circumstances, members may ask Security for permission to park in visitor spaces for short periods of time.

Short Term Parking
A short-term parking space has been provided for members’ convenience in the parking garage. Parking in this space will be limited to no more than 15 minutes at all times.

No Parking Zones
Parking in the circular drive in front of the Administration Building or the Research Buildings is prohibited at all times. These areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.

Overnight Parking
Members who need to leave a vehicle in the parking garage for more than one week are required to notify Security in advance of leaving the vehicle. Vehicles are not to be “stored” in the garage for long periods of time.

Permit Parking
Members whose job duties require frequent use of their vehicles in the normal course of daily activities may have access to the designated “Permit Only” parking area. To request access to this area, members need to submit a completed Request for Permit Only Parking form to Administration. Permits will be issued for the duration of need. If approved, members will receive a permit from Security. Members are expected to make a good faith effort to use the “Permit Only” spaces only when needed.

Outside Assistance
Should your vehicle require assistance from an outside agency or individual, please notify Security at your earliest convenience.

Escorts & Vehicle Assistance
Escorts to your vehicle will be provided by a Security Officer upon request day or night. Just call x4144 in advance for assistance.

  • In the event of a dead car battery, contact Security and a jumpstart will be provided.
  • If you lock your keys inside your vehicle, contact Security and an officer will assist you in contacting a locksmith.
  • If you have a low or flat tire, notify Security and an air tank will be brought to your vehicle so the tire can be aired up and the vehicle made drivable if possible.

Photo ID and Key Cards

The purpose of the Stowers key card is for photo identification and access to the facility.

If additional access is needed to a specific room or department, have your department head or manager email Security requesting the additional access to be added to your key card.

The key card MUST be displayed on your person when you are on Stowers campus.

If you forget or misplace your key card, a temporary key card can be obtained at any Security desk. To prevent unauthorized use of your regular key card, it will be disabled until such time as the temporary key card is returned.

If you lose your key card, contact Security immediately so the key card can be disabled and a new one can be issued to you.

Do NOT allow anyone to use your access card.

Should you encounter a person you do not know without a key card do not let them in the building. Instead, direct them to the nearest security desk or notify Security immediately.


All keys are issued by Security and should be returned when they are no longer needed or you separate from Stowers. Report any lost or stolen key immediately. Keys are issued to an individual and therefore that individual is responsible for the safekeeping and return. To request a key have your department head or manager submit a "Key Request" through ServiceNow.

Emergency Action Plan

Stowers has developed an Emergency Action Plan for all members to follow in the event of an emergency. The plan outlines how members should respond to maximize their safety and security. Members will receive training in the use of the Emergency Action Plan and their role in following and implementing it.

In an emergency always call security at x4144.

Emergency Numbers (additional numbers can be found on Helix)

Security (cell phone)816.213-1624
Emergency Operator911
Fire Department816.513-0911

Police Department


St. Luke’s Hospital816.932-2000
Ambulance (emergency)816.921-8050
Ambulance (non-emergency)816.924-0600
Michael Betten, Head of Security816.926.4147
Maintenance (24 hours)816.926.4141
Maintenance (pager)816.864-9635
Dan Burkholder, Head of Plant Engineering & Maintenance816.926.4469

Lost and Found

All items found on Stowers property should be turned in to Security. If you lose an item contact Security to see if the item has been turned in. All unclaimed items turned in to Security will be disposed of after 120 days.

Patrols and Investigations

Security patrols the campus, both motorized and on foot, responds to both emergency and non-emergency calls for service, prepares reports, checks buildings, performs numerous routine security services. The Security team works twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week and is a proactive department that concerns itself with crime prevention primarily and reactive response when necessary.

Crime Prevention and Education

The Security team works together with the Graduate School and Stowers Institute to prevent crime on campus as well as increasing community awareness about crime prevention. The Security team provides educational literature and programs on a variety of topics to the Graduate School community when requested. Security also uses text alerts to communicate important information regarding the safety and security of the community and campus.

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