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Ph.D. Admissions FAQ

Answers to common questions from prospective Ph.D. program applicants from academic topics to technical assistance

How do I apply?

All applicants are encouraged to complete a BioMedCAS online application. Application dates and deadline are located on the admissions page.

What are common mistakes that applicants make?

  1. Not reading and following all the instructions carefully. Applicants must answer all the required questions in the manner that is detailed in the application. Failure to do so will diminish prospects for acceptance.
  2. Not allowing for enough time to complete the application before the deadline. We recommend that applicants submit their applications with enough time to deal with any technical difficulties that may arise.
  3. Submitting an application without proofreading. Make sure that you read over your answers and information prior to submission.

Where can I get technical help with my application?

BioMedCAS (the application system) offers technical support. They have a Help Center and Contact Us. If any issue arises that is not resolved, please contact GSSIMR at

Do I need to have published papers to apply​​​​​​​​​​​​​​?

No. Most of our applicants have not published their work in peer-reviewed journals.

Who should write my recommendation letters​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​?

At least one recommendation letter should be written by a scientist who supervised your research.

Can I submit my application prior to the submission of all my references?

Yes. You can submit your application without having received all the reference letters. You can log onto the site to check the status of your reference letters.

What is the deadline for submission of recommendation letters?

The deadline for submissions of recommendation letters is the same as the application deadline.

Do you require GRE or TOEFL scores​​​​​​​?

No. We don’t require scores from either test or any standardized test.

What if I have missed the application deadline?

We advise applicants to submit their applications early. We do not accept late applications even if there are last minute technical difficulties. The deadline is at 10:59PM (Central time) on the deadline date.

Is there an application process for predoctoral researchers wishing to start during the winter?

No. Our program requires all predoctoral researchers to start on the second week of August.

If I don’t have a visa, should I apply for one?

No. Accepted applicants who decide to join our program will work with the Graduate School and Stowers Immigration Services on the visa application process at the appropriate time.

When will I know if I am accepted?

Applicants will be informed of their acceptance in March. Wait-listed applicants will be told of their final status by April 15.

Will you retain a wait-list?

If we will retain a wait-list, we will inform all applicants on that list and provide the timeframe for the final acceptance decisions.

How do I prepare for a virtual interview?

Members of the Admissions Committee may pre-interview some of our finalists via video conferencing. They will ask questions about your research. We request that all interviews be done with audio and visual, not just audio.

Still have questions?

If you have further questions, contact the Graduate School at 816-926-4400 or by email:

How to apply to the PhD program

Ph.D. Program Admissions

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