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The complete sequence of a human Y chromosome

Rhie A, Nurk S, Cechova M, Hoyt SJ, Taylor DJ, Altemose N, Hook PW, Koren S, Rautiainen M, Alexandrov IA, Allen J, Asri M, Bzikadze AV, Chen NC, Chin CS, Diekhans M, Flicek P, Formenti G, Fungtammasan A, Garcia Giron C, Garrison E, Gershman A, Gerton JL, Grady PGS, Guarracino A, Haggerty L, Halabian R, Hansen NF, Harris R, Hartley GA, Harvey WT, Haukness M, Heinz J, Hourlier T, Hubley RM, Hunt SE, Hwang S, Jain M, Kesharwani RK, Lewis AP, Li H, Logsdon GA, Lucas JK, Makalowski W, Markovic C, Martin FJ, Mc Cartney AM, McCoy RC, McDaniel J, McNulty BM, Medvedev P, Mikheenko A, Munson KM, Murphy TD, Olsen HE, Olson ND, Paulin LF, Porubsky D, Potapova T, Ryabov F, Salzberg SL, Sauria MEG, Sedlazeck FJ, Shafin K, Shepelev VA, Shumate A, Storer JM, Surapaneni L, Taravella Oill AM, Thibaud-Nissen F, Timp W, Tomaszkiewicz M, Vollger MR, Walenz BP, Watwood AC, Weissensteiner MH, Wenger AM, Wilson MA, Zarate S, Zhu Y, Zook JM, Eichler EE, O'Neill RJ, Schatz MC, Miga KH, Makova KD, Phillippy AM. Nature. 2023;621:344-354.

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