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The Complete Sequence and Comparative Analysis of Ape Sex Chromosomes

Makova KD, Pickett BD, Harris RS, Hartley GA, Cechova M, Pal K, Nurk S, Yoo D, Li Q, Hebbar P, McGrath BC, Antonacci F, Aubel M, Biddanda A, Borchers M, Bomberg E, Bouffard GG, Brooks SY, Carbone L, Carrel L, Carroll A, Chang PC, Chin CS, Cook DE, Craig SJC, de Gennaro L, Diekhans M, Dutra A, Garcia GH, Grady PGS, Green RE, Haddad D, Hallast P, Harvey WT, Hickey G, Hillis DA, Hoyt SJ, Jeong H, Kamali K, Kosakovsky Pond SL, LaPolice TM, Lee C, Lewis AP, Loh YE, Masterson P, McCoy RC, Medvedev P, Miga KH, Munson KM, Pak E, Paten B, Pinto BJ, Potapova T, Rhie A, Rocha JL, Ryabov F, Ryder OA, Sacco S, Shafin K, Shepelev VA, Slon V, Solar SJ, Storer JM, Sudmant PH, Sweetalana, Sweeten A, Tassia MG, Thibaud-Nissen F, Ventura M, Wilson MA, Young AC, Zeng H, Zhang X, Szpiech ZA, Huber CD, Gerton JL, Yi SV, Schatz MC, Alexandrov IA, Koren S, O'Neill RJ, Eichler E, Phillippy AM. 2024.

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