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Summer Scholars Alumni

2017 Scholars

Group photo of Summer Scholar class of 2017




Poster/ Project Title

Alice Bedois

Universite Pierre et Marie
Curie Paris 6

Nicolas Rohner

Human-specific deletions of highly conserved putative
enhancers and potential implications in human morphological

Lauren Bernard

Johns Hopkins University

Scott Hawley

Testing the functionality of tagging the Drosophila
synaptonemal complex protein Corolla

Cynthia Bezier

Pierre and Marie Curie

Paul Trainor

Understanding tissue-specific roles for POLR1A during

Lizbeth Bolanos Castro

National Autonomus
University of Mexico

Paul Kulesa

Quest for neural crest repulsive cues by visualizing genes
expression patterns

Teddy Cai

Carnegie Mellon University

Kausik Si

Regulated Intron Retention in Drosophila Melanogaster

Michael Yuyang Chu

Northwestern University

Linheng Li

Cox2-PGE2 Signaling confers Chemo-Resistance to
Cancer Stem Cells

Emily Franciskato

Iowa State University

Sue Jaspersen

Investigation of Inner Nuclear Membrane Paralogs and
their Non-Inner Nuclear Membrane Counterparts

Tatiana Gaitan

Universidad de Antioquia

Tatjana Piotrowski

Characterization of cisplatin induced sensory hair cell
death and regeneration

Madeleine Gurney

University of Kansas

Scott Hawley

Novel loss-of-function deletion mutant causes severe SC
assembly defects

Elizabeth Hemenway

University of Missouri-
Kansas City

Scott Hawley

The Surprising Composition and Biophysical Properties
of a Drosophila Synaptonemal Polycomplex

Edmund Howe

University of Missouri-
Kansas City

Jennifer Gerton

Sequencing the Human Centromere

Seraya Jones

Grambling State University

Matt Gibson

Regulation of BMP Signaling Through Fatty Acid
Metabolism in Drosophila

Aubrey Kent

William Jewell

Nicolas Rohner

Analysis of inflammation triggered by the accumulation
of adipose tissue in cave and surface population of
Astyanax mexicanus

Maxime Killer

Pierre and Marie Curie
University (Paris 6)

Michael Washburn

Using mass spectrometry and enzymatic assays to study
chromatin remodeling complexes

Emilie Lay

Pierre and Marie Curie
University (Paris 6)

Linheng Li

Expansion of human hematopoietic stem cells

Dave Lei

Trinity Hall,
University of Cambridge

Paul Kulesa

Tissue Growth in Rhombomere 4 Axial Level of
Chicken Embryos

Kevin Li

Washington University

Ron Yu

Using Drop-seq to obtain mRNA transcripts at a single
cell resolution to explore the olfactory system

Renny Ma

Brown University

Ron Yu

Analyzing Innate Murine Responses to Fecal Bile
Acids and Nestlets

Emma Moore

University of Houston

Paul Trainor

Identifying the tissue-specific function of Polymerase I
and III subunits, Polr1cand Polr1d, in neural crest cell
development during embryogenesis

Emily Nischwitz

Missouri State University

Peter Baumann


Anastasiia Onyshchenko

University of Arkansas,

Julia Zeitlinger

Visualizing transcription in late D. melanogaster embryos
using single-molecule FISH

Fatima Plascencia
De Anda

National Autonomus
University of Mexico

Matt Gibson

Electroporation Optimization for shRNA delivery in
Nematostella vectensis embryos

Krishna Prasad
Rajendra Prasad

Lovely Professional

Randal Halfmann

Screening of Mammalian Proteins in Yeast For Prion
Like Behavior

Ana Solis Pinson

National Autonomus
of Mexico

Julia Zeitlinger

Preparation of late D. melanogaster embryos for
single-cell RNA-Seq

Sarah Spivack

University of California,

Alejandro Sanchez

Screening for Genes Related to Pharynx Function in
Schmidtea mediterranea

Elise Viodé

Université Pierre et Marie
Curie (UPMC)

Ariel Bazzini

61 shades of optimality

Mason Wilkinson

University of Kansas

Randal Halfmann

Detecting Saccharomyces cerevisiae metacaspase
activation and aggregation in vivo

Isaac Witte

University of California -

Alejandro Sanchez

Exploring Regeneration via RNAi Screen on S. mediterranea

Hongruo Zhang

College of Life Sciences,
Wuhan University

Ron Yu

Exploring the Role of CircRNA in the Olfactory
Map Formation

Eric Zhivkoplias

St. Petersburg
State University

Julia Zeitlinger

ChIP-next: developing a novel low-input single-nucleotide
resolution ChIP technique

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