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Summer Scholars Alumni

2019 Scholars

Group photo of Summer Scholar class of 2019




Poster/ Project Title

María José Blanco

National Autonomous University
of Mexico

Ariel Bazzini

Defying decay: is codon optimality stronger than

Christopher Chan

University of Cambridge

Nicolas Rohner

ClampFISH for Imaging Flow Cytometry

Juliane Marie-Helena
Da Graça

Aix-Marseille University

Nicolas Rohner

Metabolic adaptation of cavefish

Yuchen Dai

Carleton College

Kausik Si

Decoding the functional relevance of protein condensation
at organismal level

Ana María Daza

Universidad de Antioquia

Tatjana Piotrowski

A novel mutant with sensory hair cell defect during
development and regeneration in Zebrafish

Michay Diez

National University of San Martin

Ariel Bazzini

Proximity labeling of RNA binding proteins in living cells

Daniel Dong

Baylor University

Linheng Li

Effects of MK-2206 on colon cancer

Eric Ebert

Emporia State University

Jennifer Gerton

5` RACE of Human Centromeres 11 and 18

Francis Valeria Eliosa

Universidad Nacional Autónoma
de México (UNAM)

Sarah Zanders

Variation in gamete aneuploidy in fission yeast

Taylor Farnan

University of Arkansas

Sue Jaspersen

Novel Techniques for Genome Manipulation in
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Julianna Haug

University of Arizona

Alejandro Sanchez

Optimizing Expression and Purification of Nanobodies

Matthew Jansen

University of Notre Dame

Paul Kulesa

The Role of Neuregulin 1 (NRG1) in Sympathetic
Ganglia Formation

Alyssa Jones

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Scott Hawley

Sina interactions during female meiosis in Drosophila

Anna Kogan

Saint-Petersburg State University

Julia Zeitlinger

Alternative TFIID organization in Drosophila embryos

Shiwani Kumari

University of Delhi

Kausik Si

A screen for fibril-forming segments in prion-like
domain of Herzog

Jeremy Larson

Benedictine College

Randal Halfmann

Oxidative Stress Drives Phase Separation of Sup35
in S. cerevisiae

Olivia Lawler

John Brown University

Ron Yu

Gadd45g Localization and Interactions with asH19 in Mice

Nathan Luzum

Duke University

Randal Halfmann

A summer of stress: Exploring the interactions of stress
granules and inflammasomes


University of Kansas

Linheng Li

A home for stem cells: The fetal liver hematopoietic stem
cell niche

Karina Polacek

Macalester College

Paul Kulesa

The Role of CCR9/CCL25 in Sympathetic Nervous
System Patterning


IISER Mohali

Jennifer Gerton

5’ RACE for Cloning and Sequencing the Human
Centromeric RNAs

Mary Claire Rose

Rockhurst Universtiy

Brian Slaughter

The Initiation of Synaptonemal Complex Assembly

Rajit Roy

SRM Institute of Science
and Technology

Ron Yu

Aversion as a modulator of olfactory response in mice

Anamay Samant

Indian Institute of Technology,

Ron Yu

Identification of Novel Cell Types in the Olfactory Bulb


Kenyon College

Sarah Zanders

Variation in Mating Preference in Wild Isolates of S. pombe

Shubhajit Sen

Indian Statistical Institute,

Ron Yu

How does the brain learn to categorize objects?

Marina Slashcheva

St.Petersburg State University

Ron Yu

Attention modulation of olfaction in mice

Padmini Sreedhara

University of Kansas

Paul Trainor

Med23 is Required in Endothelial Cells for
Craniofacial Development and Embryogenesis

Laura Steel

University of Tulsa

Alejandro Sanchez

Discovering the “Brains” Behind Planarian Neoblasts:
A Genome-Wide RNAi Investigation

Jack Swann

University of Kansas

Ron Yu

The Effects of V1re9/12 Knockout on Aggression and
Copulatory Behavior in Mice

Nathan Wamsley

Hillsdale College

Randal Halfmann

Prion-Like Domains in Cancer Drivers:
A Computational Survey

Emily Wesley

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Scott Hawley

Exploring the physical interactions of synaptonemal
complex proteins

Erik Zhivkoplias

Uppsala University

Julia Zeitlinger

Applying CNN on solving core promoter code in Drosophila

Elaine Zhu

Columbia University

Linheng Li

Investigating Differences in Bone Marrow Cell Content in
Adult and New-Born Mice

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