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Summer Scholars Alumni

2022 Scholars

Group photo of Summer Scholar students.
ScholarUniversityLaboratoryPoster/Project Title
Madelyn (Madie)
Rockhurst UniversityHawleyFurther characterization of a 7 amino acid
deletion within C(3)G that causes a chromosome
specific defect
Vlad AndreichukMinerva UniversityZeitlingerPredicting gene expression of yeast DNA
sequences using Deep Learning
Ava BeckerUniversity of Southern CaliforniaHalfmanniNASTY: An Intracellular Nanobody-Antigen
Screening Tool In Yeast
Aaron BerkowitzCarleton CollegeSiInvestigating Pipsqueak-Polycomb Interaction
Using Dimerization Dependent Fluorescent Proteins
Delaney ClawsonVanderbilt UniversityTrainorMesenchymal Properties and Delamination
of Neural Crest-Like Cells in Gcnf-/-Mouse Embryos
Michael EngelKansas City Art InstituteZietlingerInvestigating Cooperative Asymmetry
in Transcription Factor Binding Predicted by BPNet
Federico FassettaUniversdad Nacional
de San Martin
RohnerCentromeres’ role in cave adaptation
Krysanna FullerBenedict CollegeLiReporter Cell Line Generation
Francisco (Paco)
Guerra Garcia
Universidad Pablo de OlavideBazziniDissecting the mechanism of dORF
translation activation in human cells
Sarah KeatonDePaul UniversityRohnerCharacterization of Transgenic Zebrafish Muscle
Stem Cells using Green Fluorescent Protein
Samuel LiuUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLiOptimization of Slide-Seq to
Characterize GPC3+ Niche Cell Function
David MikaelMinerva UniversityYuNeural and behavioral correlates of
social and non-social reward frustration
Munira NuruUniversity of Missouri Kansas CityHawleyCharacterization of a Drosophila
mauritiana C(3)G peptide antibody
Sophia PengCarnegie Mellon UniversityHistologyApplication of hybridization chain reaction
to fiber FISH for signal amplification
Erika Pinto NogalesLa Pontificia Universidad
Catolica del Ecuador
BazziniWhat happens if we inhibit protein degradation
during the Maternal to Zygotic Transition?
Erika Pontillo FerragonioKenyon CollegeKrumlaufOrigin of the Coupling of Retinoic
Acid to Hindbrain Segmentation
Grace RussellBenedictine UniversityProteomics - FlorensThermal proteome profiling identifies
drug targets in breast cancer cell lines
treated with SAHA
Martin SearcyNorth Carolina Agricultural and
Technical State University
ZandersEffect of Centromere Size and
Mating Type on Cell Fitness
Ivan ValishevUniversity of Illinois –
Urbana Champaign
YuHow can we see deeper?
A new approach to 3D imaging
Philip ZhuangCornell UniversityYulncRNA H19 plays a role in neurogenesis
and neural plasticity during embryogenesis

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