Fly Stocks

The Fly Stock team houses and maintains more than a thousand unique fruit fly (Drosophila) stocks for many Stowers laboratories that use this research organism in their scientific programs.

Research Services 

The Fly Stock Facility operates a custom-designed robotic fruit fly vial transfer system that automatically transfers live fruit flies from their existing vial to a new vial containing fresh food. Once a program is initiated, the system can transfer hundreds of Drosophila colonies without human intervention. The robotic system provides a high level of quality control and frees a significant amount of researcher time for other tasks. The Fly Stock team also prepares and delivers both syrup-based and molasses-based fly food media for Drosophila research programs. With the media being prepared on-site, there are a variety of bottles, vials, and closures available to all Drosophila laboratories.

  • Fly Transferring Robot
  • 215-Liquid handler Fly Media Dispenser  
  • Vial Plug Press
Team Contact 
Stacey Walker
Laboratory Services Supervisor

Stacey Walker joined the Institute in 2012 and has served multiple roles within the Fly Stock Facility and Lab Services. In 2018, she was appointed Laboratory Services Supervisor, where she oversees the Fly Stock Facility team which provides services to the labs and technology centers that utilize Drosophila. These services include managing the state-of-the-art fly transfer robot, the preparation of high-quality fly food media, and the housing and maintenance of numerous Drosophila stocks. Walker completed the European Molecular Biology Organization’s Leadership/Lab Management course for scientific group leaders in 2019. She is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri.

Featured Publications 
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