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Hope for Life Fund

Investing in Tomorrow's Cures

Stowers scientists are at the forefront of unraveling the mechanisms behind health and disease and preparing the groundwork for novel treatments and cures.

We are fortunate to have a community of supporters who know that their generous contributions will help transform the Institute’s future and accelerate our researchers’ life-changing contributions to human health. This support is an investment that will pay dividends in improved health and well-being for all humankind for decades to come.

Join our community through any gift large or small.

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Donate now to help transform the Institute’s future and accelerate our life-changing contributions to human health.

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Our Science

Exploring the fundamental processes of biology is essential in our quest to understand the secrets of life.

Human conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cardiac disease, and birth defects may appear unrelated, yet they all stem from disruptions in fundamental cellular and molecular processes. Using diverse research organisms, our scientists are gaining insight that will ultimately translate to greater understanding and the ability to develop new strategies to prevent and treat diseases and other disorders.

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Our People

Stowers scientists are visionary risk-takers, who seek to solve the most challenging and intractable problems in biology. Their innate curiosity fuels creative and innovative research, while their commitment to teamwork and collaboration allows for the pursuit of more complex questions by combining expertise and resources.

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Our Technologies

Cutting-edge methodologies and instrumentation have catapulted the Stowers Institute to the forefront of innovative science. Empowered by unrestricted access to scientific tools and technology experts, Stowers researchers can design and execute multidisciplinary research at an unparalleled pace and scale.

Our Technology Centers provide Stowers scientists an abundance of tools, expertise, services, and collaborative partnerships that complement and augment the capabilities of individual research labs.

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Your Gift

A tax-deductible donation may be made in your name or in memory or honor of someone you love. Extraordinary gifts may be recognized with naming opportunities on our campus, or by associating your name, or that of someone you wish to honor, with a specific research project or lecture series.

We also welcome your interest in assisting the Institute through bequests, trusts, or publicly-traded gifts of stock.

To donate by check or for additional information about making a gift to the Stowers Institute, please contact one of our donation coordinators here or call (816) 489-8780.

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