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Postdoc Community at Stowers

Join an Institute, not just a lab

A collegial community of fellow scientists and support staff


Postdocs have opportunities to interact frequently with their peers through numerous postdoc-specific events and resources.

Group photo of postdoctoral researchers standing near double helix statue on the Stowers Institute campus.

Postdoc Meetups

Postdoc Meetups are an opportunity for postdocs to convene as a community to relax and exchange ideas and experiences. Monthly Postdoc Meetups alternate between informal gatherings and more formal informational sessions presented by faculty or alumni on topics relevant to postdocs and their careers.

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Postdoctoral Retreat

The annual postdoctoral retreat is a dynamic day of keynote speakers, research presentations, and social activities aimed at fostering greater camaraderie and collaboration amongst the postdoc community.

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EDGE Talks

Stowers postdocs benefit from EDGE Talks, a seminar series presented by postdocs, for postdocs. The monthly EDGE Talks have a flexible format where the time can be used by the presenting postdoc in the way that best meets their needs. Postdocs sign-up by choice and have the flexibility to use the time in a way that would best benefit them.

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Stowers Crossroads

Stowers Crossroads is an Institute committee focused on enriching scientific and professional development and connecting the Stowers research community. Predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers and scientific staff who are elected to serve on the Crossroads Committee provide a voice for their respective constituencies and a means for Stowers to address their evolving needs. Crossroads coordinates the popular Crossroads Research Conference, an internal multi-day research symposium where Stowers scientists showcase their research, as well as the annual Career Exploration Day conference. Crossroads also coordinates informal round-table interactions where trainees can discuss career-related topics of their choosing with faculty.

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Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Stowers postdocs have the opportunity to be paired with a more senior postdoc as a peer mentor upon commencing the postdoctoral training. This program strives to introduce incoming postdocs to some of the features of the Stowers Institute in an informal way and help postdocs connect within the Stowers community. Peer mentors can be a source of support and guidance throughout postdoctoral training. As a postdoc becomes more senior themselves, they can also participate in the program by mentoring more junior postdocs.

The primary objective of postdoctoral training at the Stowers Institute is to gain the training, experience, skills and professional network required to succeed as an independent scientist. Maintaining a balance that enables development of each of those areas requires communication and alignment between the postdocs and their mentoring team, as well as advanced planning and organization. Stowers strives to empower postdocs to take ownership of their training experience and their career with recommendations for achieving success.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can email their curriculum vitae and bibliography, along with a cover letter outlining their background and career objectives, to the principal investigator whose area of research matches their academic interest.

More information about open positions can be found at Careers.


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