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Our Research Campus

Doing Science Here is Different

From unique technological collaborations to an emphasis on employee wellness, our campus is set up to help you succeed in your work and feel empowered doing so.

Our Campus

The Heart of KC

Our 10-acre campus is situated in the heart of Kansas City. Located next to the University of Missouri-Kansas City and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, our members are part of an academic neighborhood. You can immerse yourself in the arts, visit landmarks such as the Linda Hall Scientific Research Library, and find inspiration to fuel creative thinking.

At the Stowers Institute you are also within walking distance to Loose Park, the Trolley Trail, the Brookside Neighborhood, and the Country Club Plaza. You have convenient access to some of the best coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping the city has to offer.

Stowers Research Institute's fly robot.


The intersection of state-of-the-art technology and boundless scientific exploration provides scientists at the Stowers Institute unparalleled support while conducting research. Our Technology Centers include 16 core facilities and more than 150 expert research advisors.

Unlike most institutions, these teams are not service providers. Instead, they are scientific collaborators invested in research projects across the institute.

The Technology Centers utilize the most advanced instrumentation, such as super-resolution and live-imaging microscopes, imaging cell-sorting systems, and mass spectrometers for comprehensive biomolecular analysis to tackle the most ambitious investigations. The Stowers Institute also houses unique tools such as our “Fly Robot” – one of just two in the country – to help support your research.

Institute Features

Every aspect of the Institute's design was built with science in mind. The warm and inviting atmosphere encourages collaboration and interaction, while the impressive architecture inspires creative thought. Our labs are situated on the exterior of our building allowing a flood of natural light.

The Stowers Institute also houses an invaluable resource known as the “Cube.” This on-site scientific stockroom, provides around-the-clock access to over 700 commonly used lab supplies and reagents. Additionally, it provides researchers opportunities to learn about and try new products and engage directly with vendors.

No detail was overlooked when creating our campus. Unique to the Stowers Institute, overnight hotel-style suites are available for visiting and prospective scientists. Additionally, a large auditorium boasts a beautiful and open space for presentations and conferences. These are some of the many conveniences that contribute to the accommodating environment at the Institute.

Fitness center at the Stowers Institute

Member Wellness

Within our beautifully maintained grounds you’ll find walking paths, ponds, and fountains. The wellness of each member is top priority at the Institute. Inside our building you’ll find dedicated spaces for mental health breaks and time to quietly think.

The Stowers Institute also provides access to a full farm-to-fork style cafe open for breakfast and lunch. An espresso machine, coffee, and fountain drinks are all available to members for free 24/7. Grab-and-go items are also available for purchase at all hours.

Our on-site fitness center for Institute members comes complete with a full gym, yoga studio, instructor-led group fitness classes, locker rooms, and showers.

New in 2023, the Stowers Institute is providing access to a Mother’s Room and all-gender restrooms.

An audience of people sitting in rows with name tags


From seminars to conferences, lectures to symposia, the Stowers Institute offers a variety of events where scientific knowledge and ideas are shared. See a full list of events here.

Equity & Inclusion

The Stowers Institute values uniqueness and celebrates the numerous contributions by all members of our community. We believe the best way to achieve this is by valuing and celebrating a true mix of minds and talents. We intensely focus on creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work.

Defining New Frontiers

Downtown street view at dusk with building lights and traffic

Kansas City: Born from a Spirit of Discovery

Incredible science comes from stimulated minds, and Greater Kansas City is an ideal place to experience a wide range of culture, arts, food and more. The historic edge of the American West, see why we’ve chosen this amazing place as our home.

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