The Stowers Institute for Medical Research regularly hosts preeminent scientists from around the nation and world through its Wednesday lecture series and a variety of seminars and symposia.

The Friday Science Club is a weekly forum in the fall and spring terms at which two graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, or technicians each present their findings in 25-minute seminars. This setting provides an ideal opportunity to present new research and ideas to a wide audience and receive invaluable feedback. After each Science Club, attendees gather to interact and share scientific conversation in an informal setting.

The Stowers Institute holds annual meetings, such as Young Investigator Research Days and Technology Day, for scientists to share their research in seminars and on posters. These meetings provide a comprehensive overview of the types of research occurring at the Institute and foster collaboration among colleagues.

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Wednesday lecture series

Facility usage

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research has limited meeting space for groups and organizations that fall within its eligibility criteria. Groups should be not-for-profit organizations with a scientific mission similar to that of the Stowers Institute. Commercial, for-profit and personal use is restricted.

All requestors are required to complete a facility use application prior to approval.

For more information about Institute events or our facility use guidelines, please contact:

Charlene McCracken
Events Coordinator


Public Tours

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research is unable to offer tours to the public.