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Technology Centers

Where curiosity-driven scientists and powerful technology unite

Efficient and faster, better, more thoughtfully-designed experiments are made possible by the unique relationship between Stowers Investigators and the teams who operate our Technology Centers.

Close up of small clear glass containers with colorful lids
Closeup of the objective lenses and stage of a miscroscope

Technologies, expertise, collaboration

Our Technology Centers are committed to the development, implementation, and optimization of cutting-edge methodologies and instrumentation that have catapulted the Stowers Institute to the forefront of innovative science. These teams offer Stowers scientists an abundance of tools, expertise, services, and collaborative partnerships that complement and augment the capabilities of individual research labs. Each Technology Center team is led by experts in their fields, while the overall direction of scientific support and technology development at the Stowers Institute is led by a group of Technology Center Directors.

Technology Centers

Technology Center Directors

Portrait of Dr. Tari Parmely, the Director of Cellular, Tissue and Molecular Biology at Stowers Institute

Fostering innovation and efficiency in research

The overall direction of scientific support and technology development at the Stowers Institute is guided by highly-skilled and knowledgeable scientific leaders. By effectively aligning researchers and resources, the Technology Center Directors enable Stowers Investigators and their labs to find creative solutions for traditional challenges, accelerating and enhancing their research in a richly supportive environment.

Meet the Directors

What sets Stowers Technology Centers apart? 

There is only one singular focus – to make the Principal Investigators as successful as possible.

Learn about our Labs


Learn about our Labs

Our diverse labs are united in their commitment to fostering an innovative and collaborative environment in the pursuit of foundational biomedical knowledge.

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