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American Century Investments

American Century Investments

Jim Stowers Jr. founded American Century Investments in 1958 to help people improve their financial position. The small firm he started has grown into a leading global asset management firm, serving financial intermediaries, institutions and individuals.

When Jim Stowers and his wife Virginia later established the Stowers Institute in 1994, they wanted to create an environment for scientists to focus on research and not spend valuable time seeking external funding. They believed that the lifeblood of the Stowers Institute would be a sizeable institutional fund, with demonstrated growth over the long term, recognizing that the capital-intensive nature of research required assured funding in order to achieve long-term scientific discovery. In Jim’s words, “This is a fundamental principle which will make the Stowers Institute different. The Institute will attract the very best scientists because of the uninterrupted financial support.” Over 20 years ago, they bestowed much of their personal wealth to the Institute, including their gift in 2001 of over $1 billion in American Century stock, one of the largest examples of individual generosity in American history.

As result of Jim and Virginia’s gifts of American Century stock, over 40 percent of American Century Investments' profits, received as dividends, directly support the Stowers Institute. These payments, totaling more than $1.8 billion since 2000, ensure the Stowers Institute is self-sustaining and the research programs are fully- funded. Unlike most universities, any external funding received by Stowers researchers supplements and does not reduce this internal funding, thereby permitting researchers to be selective on any external funding. In fact, the Stowers Institute boasts grant funding from the most prestigious public and private grant-making institutions in the world.

Today, the President and Chief Executive Officer of American Century Investments, Jonathan Thomas, and Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer of the Stowers Institute, Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, serve on the board of directors for both organizations and carry forward the Stowers’ family values and cultures into the future, sharing many of the same virtues and goals. 

A Visionary Model

The unique relationship between American Century Investments and the Stowers Institute provides our scientists the freedom to ask big questions.

A Powerful Vision

Two large buildings with a night sky in the background and a street with lights in the foreground

It started with a powerful vision: Help clients achieve financial success. And for over 60 years, American Century Investments’ commitment to financial advisors, individual investors and institutional clients has not wavered. Being client-centric with a performance-first focus was the initial step—but not the end of the story. The vision has grown to include significant, ongoing contributions to humanity through innovative medical research through the unique partnership with the Stowers Institute. It is the intersection of health and wealth and how American Century helps their clients Prosper With Purpose.

The relationship between American Century and the Stowers Institute is intentionally symbiotic. The income-generating for- profit activities of American Century Investments ensures ongoing support of the Stowers Institute’s research and provides Stowers researchers the freedom to ask big questions. In return, American Century benefits from the stability provided by nonprofit ownership as well as the market differentiation that comes from profits being used for charitable purposes.

To further align American Century and the Stowers Institute in carrying out Jim and Virginia Stowers’s vision and to ensure that the values and culture they instilled in both organizations are perpetuated, the President and Chief Executive Officer of American Century, Jonathan Thomas, and the Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer of the Stowers Institute, Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, serve on the boards of directors of the two organizations. Other members of the Stowers Institute’s leadership also serve on the American Century Board of Directors, further aligning the governance of the two organizations.

American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament 2022

The American Century Championship is a golf tournament organized by American Century Investments. The Stowers Institute has been the primary beneficiary of the funds raised in this nationally televised championship event.

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