Distinct Mutations

New research from the Trainor Lab focuses on three distinct genetic mutations that cause Treacher Collins syndrome.


A Secret Weapon

What are we learning from studying fish that may help us prevent human hearing loss?


Alternate Identities

The molecule elongin A plays multiple roles in the transcription process. Discover how it morphs from one identity to the other.


Vibrant Community

The Stowers Institute attracts the best minds from all over the world. At last count, our scientists and students hailed from 30 different countries.


Meet Our Scientists

Regeneration pioneer Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado is fascinated with the human side of discovery.“Van Leeuwenhoek didn’t just refine the microscope and invent modern microscopy—he also had toothaches!” he says.

In the Spotlight

Two teams at the Stowers Institute are working to develop a clearer picture of how prions choose to adopt one state versus another, why they spread to nearby proteins, and what divides the functional from the dysfunctional.


Graduate School

The Graduate School of The Stowers Institute

Research experience for aspiring scientists is available through our Summer Scholars program for undergraduates and recent graduates. Applications are now open.