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Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Jim and Virginia Stowers Fellows

The Jim and Virginia Stowers Fellows program at the Stowers Institute seeks to advance scientific knowledge by funding early-career investigators who have distinguished themselves with novel and bold ideas to understand fundamental biological processes. Fellows will be given a seven-year term, with approximately $400,000 per year, to pursue their own ideas independently. There will be one to five Fellows at the Institute at any one time.

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Eligibility requirements

Candidates must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in science. We are seeking recent graduates, individuals who have or will have just received their Ph.D., or have no more than a year of postdoc experience.

Materials for application

To be considered for a Fellow position, candidates must submit a CV, a two-page research statement describing what research question they wish to pursue, particularly highlighting the unique potential of their research area /and or approach and two to three letters of recommendation. Materials should be uploaded via this link.

Selection process

Potential candidates will be invited for a virtual introductory meeting with Stowers Institute Executive Director and Scientific Director. Following this meeting, select candidates will be invited to present a two-part seminar to present their research and provide an overview of their proposed research focus during the fellowship. Fellows will be selected based on their research accomplishments, their creativity, and their willingness to pursue bold ideas.

Our Institute embraces diversity and equity, and our selection process will reflect these values. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where innovation can thrive.

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Terms of the award

The Fellowship is designed as a single term appointment for seven-years, with an evaluation at three-and-a-half years. This program is designed to provide a long runway to allow for innovation and the pursuit of curiosity-driven research.

Funding amount

The annual budget for a Fellow is approximately $350,000, which includes the Fellow’s salary, staff, and technology costs. Fellows will be part of the Stowers community of scientists and will have full access to the Institute’s Technology Centers and other institutional resources. The Fellows will have the opportunity to teach in the Graduate school.

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