Graduate School

Our innovative doctorate program is motivated by the desire to find people from all over the world who already know they want to do research and hone those skills in a unique environment.

The program focuses on extending the ability of predoctoral researchers through hands-on laboratory experience that stresses highly critical thinking in combination with in-depth experience in the latest methodologies. 

Predoctoral researchers perform thesis research in laboratories working at the cutting edge of modern biological inquiry under the direct supervision of outstanding Stowers investigators.

The graduate program strives for completing a research-based Ph.D. degree in Biology in an average time of five years from matriculation.

Simply put, The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research will prepare a select group of young scientists whose truly transformative and integrative approaches to research will revolutionize 21st century biology.

Interact with superb faculty

Fields include transcription and the control of gene expression, chromosome structure and cell division, developmental genetics and cellular biology, neuroscience, developmental neuroscience, computational biology (modeling and meta-data analysis), and stem cells and regeneration.

We believe that science should have an impact. The basic research in our laboratories is not clinical research, but aspires to have an impact on human health. See our Stowers Reports for further highlights of the Stowers community.

Access to state-of-the art technologies and research

Our core facilities are available to all researchers. Effective use of advanced techniques and technologies often requires dedicated expertise. We provide that support explicitly, making us a unique place to pursue your dream project.

Core leaders are the heads of our technology centers; Research Advisors and Genomic Scientists are our expert consultants that work with you to achieve sophisticated research projects in imaging, computation, and genomics.

Begin full-time lab work within the first year

Our module courses are meant to orient the researcher before they enter the laboratory full-time. Instead of didactic coursework, our modules all have laboratory components and are rich in the reading and discussion of primary journal papers.

The second six months of the program are dedicated to three two-month rotations. By the summer, predoctoral researchers will be full-time in their laboratory of choice.

Ph.D. in Biology within 5 years from matriculation

We accelerate the time until predoctoral researchers begin full-time research in their laboratories of choice. Our course work and rotation schedule allows predoctoral researchers to begin full time research in their laboratory of choice within one year of starting.

Generous financial support while in good standing

Through the generosity and vision of Jim and Virginia Stowers, graduate funding is secure for the duration of the doctorate.

Predoctoral researchers in good standing will be funded past 5 years based on the needs of the thesis project. Stipends start at $32,000 per year.