Genetics and Genomics

October 21-23, 2020 | Stowers Institute | Kansas City, MO USA

About The Event

Stowers Research Conferences are biennial meetings that bring together researchers, faculty, and graduate students to inspire creative thought and collaboration in the basic sciences.


Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Kansas City, MO USA


Wednesday to Saturday
October 21-23, 2020


Keynote Speakers

Irene Chiolo
University of Southern California

Harmit Malik
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Cedric Feschotte
Cornell University

Confirmed Speakers

Laura Landweber, Columbia University
Karen Miga, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jacob Mueller, University of Michigan
Amanda Larracuente, University of Rochester
Beth Sullivan, Duke University School of Medicine
Mia Levine, University of Pennsylvania
Mike Lampson, University of Pennsylvania
Julie Cooper, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute

Abstract submission and meeting registration details will be available Spring 2020.

Conference Venue

Stowers Institute, Kansas City

Fundamental research is the focus of the Stowers Institute, a private nonprofit biomedical research institution. Every day, Stowers scientists work towards a greater understanding of the basic biological mechanisms that guide development, health, and disease.

Contact Us

Stowers Conference Committee


1000 E 50th, Kansas City, MO 64110

Phone Number

(816) 926-4000