Postdoctoral Training

Committed to the training and development of future scientific leaders, the Stowers Institute offers a rigorous, five-year Postdoctoral Training Program designed to prepare and position postdoctoral researchers for successful independent scientific careers.

Postdoctoral Training at the Stowers Institute


Postdoctoral research is a critical period for accomplished young investigators to gain further experience and the credentials necessary to launch independent research careers. The Stowers Institute offers postgraduate scientists the opportunity to conduct advanced research in biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, computational biology, and related areas in a stimulating and interactive environment. 

Move to the front of your field through:

UNRESTRICTED access to technology and resources that enable intense collaboration between faculty members, technology experts, and postdoctoral researchers

INDIVIDUALIZED mentorship and career support with a firm commitment to scientific, professional, and personal development

WELCOMING and collegial community

The Institute’s strong tradition of valuing curiosity-driven science affords Stowers postdocs an unmatched range of research opportunities to ask bold questions and advance the type of fundamental knowledge critical for understanding the biological basis of both health and disease. Working in the lab of a highly distinguished Stowers investigator and guided by an individualized mentorship team, Stowers postdocs are expected to leverage the comprehensive and unparalleled support provided by the Institute to perform rigorous, impactful research at the forefront of their fields.


The Stowers Institute provides an unparalleled training experience and opportunity to obtain the necessary skills early career scientists need to excel on their own.


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