Postdoctoral Research Program

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research offers postgraduate scientists the opportunity to conduct advanced research in biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, computational biology and related areas in a stimulating and interactive environment. 

Intense collaboration between our accomplished faculty members and postdoctoral researchers provides an unparalleled experience and opportunity to obtain the necessary skills young scientists need to advance their careers.

Scientific Support
Postdoctoral researchers train in state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest technology. Generous resources, unmatched scientific support facilities staffed by leading experts and a tight-knit community of researchers enable postdocs to take advantage of outstanding interdisciplinary expertise to expand and accelerate their own research.

Grants & Fellowships
All of the laboratories in the Stowers Institute are privately funded and are not solely dependent on research grants to employ postdoctoral scientists. However, winning a competitive fellowship or grant is a mark of distinction. That’s why we encourage eligible postdoctoral researchers to apply for funding from outside sources and actively provide support and advice during the application process.

The Crossroads program allows researchers to connect scientifically and socially in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. It offers a variety of career-related and professional development workshops, seminars and research opportunities covering skills such as funding and grantsmanship, oral presentation, effective manuscript writing, and manuscript and grant review. 

Postdoctoral Life
Currently, postdocs hailing from over 20 different countries are engaged in cutting-edge research at the Stowers Institute, creating a culturally diverse and scientifically vibrant community.

Postdoc Alumni
Many of the postdocs who conducted research with Stowers investigators launched successful independent research careers. Find out where they are now.

We invite all interested candidates to email their curriculum vitae and bibliography, along with a cover letter outlining their background and career objectives to the principal investigator whose area of research matches their academic interest. Alternatively, candidates can apply to several laboratories at once by submitting these materials to