BIG IDEAS @ScienceStowers

The BIG IDEAS @ScienceStowers is a lecture series that brings thought-provoking science to a Kansas City public audience. Each lecture features a renowned scientist presenting their scientific work in a casual and engaging style with an open post-lecture question and answer session. A post-lecture reception allows for an opportunity to greet the scientists.



Previous events have featured research focused on how and why animals vary in color and pattern, the chemical communication of bacteria, the role of art in science, and one scientist’s efforts at overcoming science accessibility.


Past Events

Patrick Brown

CEO & Founder Impossible Foods

How Science Can Save Our Planet by Reinventing Meat

Hopi Hoekstra

Harvard University

Nature’s Palette: The Biological Significance of Color

Bonnie Bassler

Princeton University

Tiny Conspiracies: Cell-to-Cell Communication in Bacteria

Neil Shubin

University of Chicago

Finding Your Inner Fish

Ahna Skop

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Too Creative for Science?

Manu Prakash

Stanford University

Magnifying Curiosity Worldwide

Upcoming Events

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How (and why) the jerboa got its long feet
Kim Cooper
University of California - San Diego
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Evolutionary Developmental Biology III
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Wednesday Lecture Series
The optimisation and stability assessment of Wolbachia releases for the control of vector-borne viruses
Heather Flores
Monash University
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Wednesday Lecture Series
Biomolecular condensates in biology and disease
Simon Alberti
Technische Universitat Dresden
12:00 PM - Zoom Webinar Series
Wednesday Lecture Series
Title to be announced
Danny Welch
University of Kansas Medical Center
12:00 PM - Zoom Webinar Series
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