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Stowers Graduate School 2023 in review

Join us as we look back on the accomplishments and memorable moments from 2023 ranging from graduation and educational opportunities to impactful scientific research.

21 December 2023

It was a year full of celebration, scientific discovery, and career-enhancing educational opportunities for members of our Graduate School. Learn more about their Graduate School experience in the 2023 review below.

1. Celebrating our graduates

The ceremony celebrated the accomplishments and future endeavors of the graduates who are continuing their scientific discoveries at cutting edge industry positions and at academic institutions including Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic, University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, and The Rockefeller University. Learn more about the record number of graduates we honored.

2. Welcoming our Summer Scholars

The newest class of Stowers Summer Scholars arrived from colleges and universities spanning the globe. Twenty-one aspiring scientists spent the summer immersed in a specific research topic in a Stowers Principal Investigator lab or Technology Center, gaining new scientific skills, knowledge, and hands-on research experience within the collaborative nature at the Institute.

3. Scientists in the Zeitlinger Lab use computational approaches to learn the fate of cells

In our "Look in the Lab" series, Stowers Graduate School Predoctoral Researcher, Kaelan Brennan, showcased the research he works on in the Zeitlinger lab. “We use experimental and computational approaches to study the mechanisms that the cell uses to turn genes on and off during development and across evolution,” Brennan said. Learn more about the work. 

4. Research Scholars Postbaccalaureate Program commences its third year

Valentina Peña (left) and Anne Goebel (right) are the new 2023 Research Scholars.

Designed for recent STEM undergraduates with exceptional academic acumen, the fellowships provide a mentored, immersive research environment for students from communities who were traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. In 2023 we welcomed two new Research Scholars to embark on one-year postbaccalaureate research fellowships.

5. Envisioning a Future

The Stowers Graduate School welcomed its newest and largest class of 12 predoctoral researchers into its Ph.D. program in 2023. This program is designed to provide these early-career researchers with invaluable education and immersive experiences that will refine their skills, expand their intellectual horizons, and shape them into adept and accomplished scientists. Learn more about the new class. 

6. A Summer of Learning

Summer of 2023 was an exciting and eventful time for predoctoral researchers of the Stowers Graduate School. Twenty researchers from 11 labs at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research traveled all over the world to attend and present at prestigious courses and conferences, facilitating accelerated learning and enhancing vital skills like presentation and discussion to help shape their professional trajectories. See where our researchers traveled and learn more about their experiences.

7. Cavefish Development and Evolution: A research review

Amruta Swaminathan and Fanning Xia in the cavefish facility at the Stowers Institute.

The Mexican tetra fish, Astyanax mexicanus, is a powerful system to study genetics underpinning evolution and adaptation. These fish that populate both rivers and underground caves in Central America have the potential to unlock insights for treating human diseases related to metabolism like diabetes. Read more about a review from two predoctoral researchers published in in the journal Trends in Genetics.

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