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Stowers Institute ranks among the top 10 places for postdocs nationwide

29 March 2012

KANSAS CITY, MO—The Stowers Institute for Medical Research was ranked among the top 10 U.S. institutions listed as “Best Places to Work: Postdocs,” The Scientist announced today.

Hailing from all over the globe, postdoctoral researchers come to the Stowers Institute to broaden their skills and prepare for an independent research career. Postdocs make up the single largest group of Stowers scientists and play a vital part in the institute’s everyday research operations.

“The training and contributions of postdocs are crucial for the success and goals of the institute,” said Scientific Director Robb Krumlauf, Ph.D. “Not only are they carrying out sophisticated hands-on-experiments but they bring talent, creativity and fresh perspective to the bench. These will be the future leaders of science.”

Recognizing the important contributions of postdoctoral researchers to the research mission of the Stowers Institute, the institute puts a big emphasis on enhancing the quality of the postdoctoral experience.

On-site core technology facilities and research advisors—a resource unique to the Stowers—provide an unparalleled scientific support system that puts postdocs’ research on the fast track while mentoring programs, career development activities, extensive campus services and generous benefits smooth the path to an independent research career.

An environment like Stowers makes all the difference to young researchers. Carrie Adler, a postdoctoral researcher in the Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado lab said, “Having such active and efficient cores definitely frees up time that I can spend doing experiments, analyzing data, and planning my future!”

 “I am delighted that the Stowers Institute has been recognized by The Scientist as one of the best places for postdocs to work. It is even more gratifying to know that this ranking is determined directly from the responses of the people who know this institute best—our own postdocs,” said Stowers Investigator Jerry Workman, Ph.D., who heads the postdoctoral program at the Stowers. “The insights we gain from this survey will allow us to seek additional ways to enrich the postdoctoral experience at institute.”

The results are based on responses from over 1,500 postdocs. To view the 2012 rankings, visit:

About the Stowers Institute for Medical Research

The Stowers Institute for Medical Research is a non-profit, basic biomedical research organization dedicated to improving human health by studying the fundamental processes of life. Jim Stowers, founder of American Century Investments, and his wife Virginia opened the Institute in 2000. Since then, the Institute has spent over 800 million dollars in pursuit of its mission.

Currently the Institute is home to over 500 researchers and support personnel; over 20 independent research programs; and more than a dozen technology development and core facilities.

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