Blind cavefish may trade color for energy

August 18, 2022

The September 2022 issue of Scientifc American features an article titled, "Blind Cave Fish May Trade Color for Energy." The article highlights the impact of research being conducted by Stowers Associate Investigator Nicolas Rohner, PhD and his lab.

Below is an except from the article.

Astyanax mexicanus cave fish have adapted to an incredibly tough environment: chilly, pitch-dark caves that flood about once a year, providing brief feasts separated by long periods of starvation. These fish put on fat easily, maintain high blood glucose levels and sleep very little. They also have lost their eyes and coloration. Despite the challenging conditions they live relatively long lives, often reaching 15 years. Now new genetic research shows that the loss of color, rather than being incidental to evolution, may actually help these hardy fish generate crucial energy.

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