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What sets us apart: How research at the Stowers Institute benefits from unique relationship with American Century Investments

American Century Investments CEO, Jonathan Thomas, recently spoke with 401k Specialist Magazine. He highlighted how the world-class research happening at the Stowers Institute is made possible.

04 May 2022

In the article, Thomas explained the Stowers Institute was started by Jim and Virginia Stowers. Their experiences and medical backgrounds fueled a passion for helping others, and in 1994 the Institute was born.

“It’s an amazing story, and I can’t believe it isn’t more well known,” Thomas told 401kSpecialist.

“They traveled the world trying to figure out what to do,” Thomas explained. “They realized a lot of the therapies and cures back then hadn’t evolved over time. They decided to do something that almost nobody does while they’re alive; they gave away almost every penny of their wealth from American Century Investments, including stock ownership, to medical research. Today, the institute is our largest single owner.”

“It’s real money,” Thomas added. “It has between 500 and 600 staff people and 17 separate principal investigators. They’re all focused on finding cures for gene-based diseases—diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, memory issues, etc.—and things like regeneration. It’s fascinating, and this great work is all funded by American Century.”

The article explains the partnership gives American Century employees an incredible sense of purpose knowing they are helping advance medical breakthroughs for generations. “It’s the most inspiring thing you can imagine,” Thomas said.

Read the full article here.

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