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Jeffery Haug

B.S., Biology, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Portrait of Jeff Haug

After graduating from the University of Missouri, Kansas City, with a B.S. in biology, Jeffrey S. Haug held several research and clinical positions, in which he relied on cytometric tools to gain new insights into cancer biology. In 1994, he joined the Washington University School of Medicine in the Division of Bone Marrow Transplantation, St. Louis, where he actively participated in both clinical and basic stem cell research. He designed custom flow cytometry applications for the bone marrow transplant division that were the most sensitive, accurate, and rapid cytometric assays for blood stem cells available at the time. In 2000, Haug was recruited to the Stowers Institute to establish a Cytometry facility, which he manages based on the collaborative style of core resource management developed at Washington University.

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