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Kexi Yi

Ph.D., biochemistry and cell biology, Beijing Normal University

Portrait of Kexi Yi


Kexi Yi joined the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in 2009 as a research specialist in the lab of former Investigator Rong Li, Ph.D. He joined the Microscopy Technology Center in 2015 and was promoted to Head of Electron Microscopy in 2023.

Yi earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and cell biology from Beijing Normal University where he investigated and characterized formin, an actin nucleator. As a researcher at the Institute, he studied cell polarity and symmetry breaking during oogenesis using a combination of biochemical, molecular, and microscopic approaches. When Yi joined the microscopy team, his experience in the lab allowed him to bridge and foster effective dialogue and collaboration between Labs and Technology Centers.

With a strong background in developmental biology, Yi continues to collaborate with researchers in designing projects that require electron microscopy and related technologies.

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