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Tathagata Biswas

B.Tech, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, West Bengal Univ. of Technology, India Ph.D, Developmental Biology, IIT Kanpur, India


Tathagata is a Postdoctoral Research Associate working in the Rohner Lab. He is trying to understand how organisms evolve and adapt to extreme environments, using cavefish as a model organism. He is interested in understanding the impact of 3D genome organization, as well as the effect developmental innovations have towards shaping evolution. Originally trained as an engineer, Tathagata completed his Bachelor’s in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in India. After a short while working as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture, he decided to go for graduate school in the field of developmental biology. Tathagata received his PhD from IIT Kanpur, India studying bone and cartilage development. After his PhD, he moved to US for his postdoctoral research, this time as an evolutionary biologist, in the lab of Nicolas Rohner, PhD.

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