Whole-Genome Analysis of Individual Meiotic Events in Drosophila melanogaster Reveals That Noncrossover Gene Conversions Are Insensitive to Interference and the Centromere Effect

Miller DE, Smith CB, Kazemi NY, Cockrell AJ, Arvanitakas AV, Blumenstiel JP, Jaspersen SL, Hawley RS. Genetics. 2016;203:159-171.
Publication Notes 
All sequencing data used in this manuscript will be publicly available at NCBI under project numbers PRJNA307070 (196 male genomes) and PRJNA285112 (parental lines).All code used to align, analyze, and model data is available at: https://github.com/danrdanny/2016_CO_NCO_Paper


If data accessed from a repository is used in further analysis and publications, we request that proper credit is given to the original authors by citing the reference above.

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