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The structure, function and evolution of a complete human chromosome 8

Logsdon GA, Vollger MR, Hsieh P, Mao Y, Liskovykh MA, Koren S, Nurk S, Mercuri L, Dishuck PC, Rhie A, de Lima LG, Dvorkina T, Porubsky D, Harvey WT, Mikheenko A, Bzikadze AV, Kremitzki M, Graves-Lindsay TA, Jain C, Hoekzema K, Murali SC, Munson KM, Baker C, Sorensen M, Lewis AM, Surti U, Gerton JL, Larionov V, Ventura M, Miga KH, Phillippy AM, Eichler EE. T [published ahead of print April 9 2021]. Nature. 2021.

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