Analysis of lamprey meis genes reveals that conserved inputs from hox, Meis and Pbx proteins control their expression in the hindbrain and neural tube

Parker HJ, De Kumar B, Pushel I, Bronner ME, Krumlauf R. Dev Biol. 2021:61-76.

Original sequence data relating to ​Figures 5A and 6A:

Data for ChIP-seq from mouse pharyngeal arch tissue (Amin et al., 2015; Donaldson et al., 2012) are available as processed
reads from EMBL ArrayExpress:
Hoxa2: E-MTAB-711
Meis: E-MTAB-1632, 

Data for ChIP-seq from
differentiated mouse ES-cells are available from NCBI Sequence Read archive
under BioProject accession numbers
PRJNA341679 and PRJNA335616


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