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Fly Stocks

The Fly Stock team houses and maintains more than a thousand unique fruit fly (Drosophila) stocks for many Stowers laboratories that use this research organism in their scientific programs.

Overview of Services

Research Services

The Fly Stock Facility operates a custom-designed robotic fruit fly vial transfer system that automatically transfers live fruit flies from their existing vial to a new vial containing fresh food. Once a program is initiated, the system can transfer hundreds ofDrosophila colonies without human intervention. The robotic system provides a high level of quality control and frees a significant amount of researcher time for other tasks. The Fly Stock team also prepares and delivers both syrup-based and molasses-based fly food media for Drosophila research programs. With the media being prepared on-site, there are a variety of bottles, vials, and closures available to all Drosophila laboratories.


  • Fly Transferring Robot
  • 215-Liquid handler Fly Media Dispenser
  • Vial Plug Press

Team Contact

Stacey Walker

Laboratory Services Supervisor

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Portrait of Stacey Walker

Fly Stocks and Robot

The ​Fly Stock Facility houses and maintains numerous Drosophila stocks for research laboratories. They also operate a state-of-the-art Fly Transfer Robot, used by research and core laboratories to transfer Drosophila stocks from old vials to new vials with fresh fly food media.

Drosophila vial transfer robot

Fly Robot

Featured Publications

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A six-amino-acid motif is a major determinant in functional evolution of HOX1 proteins

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Further identification and characterization of breakpoints and mutations on Drosophila melanogaster balancer chromosomes

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