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Road to Research: A Q&A with Scientific Project Manager Victoria Hassebroek

A Q&A with Scientific Project Manager Victoria Hassebroek

26 July 2023

After completing postdoctoral training in the Gerton lab, Victoria Hassebroek, Ph.D., transitioned to the role of Scientific Project Manager. 

What brought you to the Stowers Institute?

I have known about and admired the Institute since I was an undergraduate studying biological sciences at the University of Missouri. Many of my professors mentioned the Institute and spoke about it like it was the ultimate scientific oasis. I've been intrigued ever since!

Why are you interested in your field of research?

In my new role, I am now able to study a broader scientific field of research with a focus on innovative CRISPR technologies. This has been a really exciting time for me and opened my eyes to many new projects and ideas within the Institute. It keeps things fun and interesting.

What inspires you to keep working in your field?

CRISPR innovation and genome engineering is such a rapidly evolving field of research, so it pushes me to stay on top of cutting-edge technology. It is also a technology that is quickly changing the field of medicine, and there are many interesting new treatments currently in clinical trials to treat diseases like sickle cell disease, blindness, and cancer.

What have you found most rewarding about your work?

Helping scientists achieve their project goals is hugely satisfying. I can get just as excited about someone else's data as I can about my own!

What impact do you hope your role will have?

I hope I can assist individuals in advancing their projects, continue learning about scientific integrity, and help early stage researchers develop into strong and independent scientists.

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