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Creative, innovative, fearless science

At Stowers, we aim to attract scientists who are visionary risk-takers, who seek to solve the most challenging and intractable problems in biology.

Training Programs

Investigator assisting postdoctoral researcher in the lab

Postdoctoral Researchers

Stowers Postdocs receive the highest level of support, from mentorship, access to our core facilities, and compensation to ensure their future success.

Meet the Postdocs
Scientist working with pipette in the lab

Predoctoral Researchers

Predoctoral researchers at the Stowers Institute are provided with unparalleled support from the Graduate School at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. Coursework is completed during the first semester allowing predocs early access to hands-on research.

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Learn About Our Labs

Oral pole of an adult Nematostella.

Learn about our Labs

Our diverse labs are united in their commitment to fostering an innovative and collaborative environment in the pursuit of foundational biomedical knowledge.

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