Past Wednesday Lectures

March 4, 2015
Or Gozani - Stanford University
An Unexpected Journey: The Lysine Methylome, Epigenetic Signaling and Disease
January 21, 2015
Benoit Bruneau - Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease
Transcriptional regulation of cardiac lineages
November 19, 2014
Phil Newmark - HHMI, University of Illinois
Germ cell development and regeneration in planarians: implications for understanding parasitic flatworms
November 12, 2014
Stephen Buratowski - Harvard Medical School
Shaping the eukaryotic transcriptome with chromatin and ncRNA transcription
November 5, 2014
Chuck Dorsey - Eli Lilly
Autophagy: Staying in for Dinner
October 29, 2014
David Bilder - University of California, Berkeley
Cold-blooded cancer and Elongating Eggs: Epithelia Function in Development and Disease
October 22, 2014
John Denu - University of Wisconsin
October 15, 2014
Luke Berchowitz - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Amyloid-mediated translational control is required for meiosis
October 8, 2014
Michael Greenberg - Harvard Medical School
October 1, 2014
Frank Pugh - Pennsylvania State University
Genomic organization of chromatin and the transcription machinery