Past Wednesday Lectures

April 22, 2009
Leslie Loew - University of Connecticut Health Center
The Virtual Cell Project
April 15, 2009
Janet Rossant - The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
Making the Blastocyst: Early Lineage Development in the Mouse
April 8, 2009
Ken Zaret - Fox Chase Cancer Center
Connecting Inductive Signals to Epigenetics during Endoderm Differentiation
April 1, 2009
John Rawls - University of North Carolina
Host-microbe Relationships in the Zebrafish Digestive Tract
March 25, 2009
Michele Calos - Stanford University
Harnessing Phage Integrases for Gene Therapy and Cell Therapy
March 18, 2009
Bruce Edgar - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Gut Homeostasis Mediated by Drosophila Intestinal Stem Cells
March 11, 2009
Randy Johnson - M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Molecular Genetics of Vertebrate Dorsal-Ventral Limb Patterning
March 4, 2009
Karolin Luger - Colorado State University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Posttranslational Modifications as Regulators of Chromatin Structure and Histone Chaperone Function
February 25, 2009
David Morgan - University of California - San Francisco
Finishing the Cell Cycle
February 18, 2009
Magda Konarska - Rockefeller University
Spliceosome Dynamics and Their Impact on the Fidelity of Splice Site Selection
February 11, 2009
Hugo Bellen - Baylor College of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Growth Cone Guidance Receptors and the Pathogenesis of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease
February 4, 2009
Thomas Zwaka - Baylor College of Medicine
Embryonic Stem Cells: Building Alternative Pluripotency Networks
January 28, 2009
Bruce Bradley - Linda Hall Library
Legacy of Science: Rare Books in Kansas City’s Linda Hall Library
January 21, 2009
William Kaelin - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The von Hippel-Lindau Tumor Suppressor Gene: Insights into Oxygen Sensing and Cancer
January 14, 2009
Sean Eddy - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
HMMR: A New Generation of Homology Search Software
December 10, 2008
Andrea Brand - Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK
Self-renewal and Differentiation in the Drosophila Nervous System
December 2, 2008
Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado - University of Utah, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Dying Young as Late as Possible: Planarians, Regeneration, and Stem Cells
November 19, 2008
Alan Lambowitz - University of Texas at Austin
Mobile Group II Introns: Site-specific Integration into DNA and Applications in Gene Targeting
November 12, 2008
Fiona Watt - Cancer Research – UK, Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Renewal and Differentiation in Mammalian Epidermis
November 5, 2008
Richard Young - Whitehead Institute
Stem Cell Transcriptional Circuitry and Reprogramming